#1 Secret Companies Won’t Tell You!

Are you sick and tired of products that aren’t well built?  Shouldn’t technology provide us with better solutions to our problems?  Products that are Built to Last. Countless companies believe that doing so is Bad Business.  They do the complete opposite.  These companies base their business model on the concept of Planned Obsolescence.  Products that are designed fail in a shorter period so that YOU will be Trapped into buying another product from them.  Repeat consumption is the goal.

Some examples of Planned Obsolescence are:


Printer Ink Trap

Isn’t it amazing how cheap printers are and how expensive ink cartridges are?  Not to mention that those cartridges are only available for a period before they discontinue them and force you to buy another printer and start the whole process again.  Seems like a racket.

Cell Phone Trap

The cell phone industry is another example of victimizing consumers.  Not only do they break easily, but they design batteries to not last long and mandate software updates that will wear down the batteries even faster.  This is done with the intended purpose of getting YOU to buy a newer model along with perhaps a long-term commitment to a service provider.

Other Examples

                         Computers                                                               Vehicles


Archery Bag Target Trap

They often fool you with a cheap price tag.  However, if you shoot a fair amount, a greater likelihood exists that the target will need to be replaced more frequently than targets designed to last longer.  Beware, You and your arrows become victimized by this shortened life cycle.  Bag targets are built with repeat consumption in mind.  Much in the same way printers are sold. 

Broadhead Target Trap

News alert; multiple Broadhead target companies also produce Broadheads and arrows.  The goal is for You to purchase targets, arrows and Broadheads frequently.  The repeated use of Broadheads will damage the target faster, will require purchase of more Broadheads and most likely lead to broken and/or damaged arrows.  Let’s face it, Broadheads are designed to KILL, and that is what they will do to the target. 


As I see it, the solution is to look for companies whom have your best interest at heart and are not just trying to line their pocket with your hard-earned money.  Look for solutions that provide you with long-term bang for your buck.

When it comes to archery targets, one must look at the design and determine whether it is designed and built to last.  Does not make sense to waste time and money to go back to the drawing board each year to replace a target.  One can expect far better results from companies such as SpyderWeb Targets.  A company is opposed to the Planned Obsolescence concept and works every day to make targets last longer. 

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