6 Reasons to Try Bowhunting This Year

Have you ever thought about trying bowhunting?

Everyone starts bowhunting for different reasons. Some do it for the solitude, some for the camaraderie. Some do it for the meat and some do it for the love of the pursuit.

Whatever the reason, bowhunting has a lot to offer. Here are six reasons to try bowhunting this year:

Bowhunt for the Adventure

Each bowhunt you experience and animal you pursue is a new adventure. No matter what happens, we can almost guarantee bowhunting will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. Bowhunting offers an adrenaline rush like no other.

Bowhunt to Get Outside

According to a study sponsored by the EPA, the average employed American spends 92% of their time indoors. Therefore, it’s nice to get outside to breathe fresh air, feel the wind on your face, and hear birds cheerfully chirping in the distance. Many bowhunters say being in treestand feels freeing. Numerous studies show that nature benefits our health and happiness by decreasing depression and improving your mood and self-esteem. 

Bowhunt for the Exercise

Bowhunting builds muscles and strengthens your cardiovascular system. You’ll often climb hills, carry gear and treestands, and haul meat from the woods. All these things offer health benefits. Plus, drawing a bow and regularly practicing with your SpyderWeb Target strengthens your arms, core, hands, chest, and shoulders. 

Bowhunt to Conserve the Planet

Bowhunters fuel conservation. Each time you buy a hunting license and most bowhunting equipment, a portion of your purchase goes to state wildlife agencies and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Those entities use the revenues to fund high-priority conservation projects including habit restoration, hunter education, wildlife research, and public-access programs. 

Bowhunt to Challenge Yourself

Bowhunting forces you to challenge yourself mentally and physically. To be successful, you must be stealthy and fine-tune your shooting skills. You must also accurately guess the distance to your target. White-tailed deer have incredible senses—always push yourself to learn more about their habits so you can outsmart them and get within bow range.

Bowhunt Because It’s Fun

You’ll catch yourself smiling each time bag a buck or hit a bull’s eye. You’ll feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment knowing you had the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a well-placed shot and a humane harvest.

Everyone’s gotta start somewhere, and just because your grandpappy didn’t show you the ropes doesn’t mean you can’t start bowhunting.

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