ST 30 Target Cover Large

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You would like to leave your target outdoors, but are worried that the sun or dirt will damage your target.  This cover will snug nicely up to target and keep the elements off your target.  Very similar to a grill cover.

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Hunter 1
Amazing Target!

Absolutely top notch company. Target arrived quicker than expected. Definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a well built target.

Henry Hinojosa Jr.

ST 30 Target Cover Large

Benjamin Ehnis
Wow, what a target

I’ve used all the other big name targets and this is by far the very best and the only one that can handle our 450 xbows. Arrow removal is easy for my 7yr old at 20 yards with 450 fps xbow! You definitely get what you pay for here, I will be back!

robert m.

I used this cover for our 24x24 new target. Only had 1 rain storm on it so far. The rain beaded up and rolled right off. Will be getting waterproof spray that was recommended by Spiderweb.

Excellent! Very happy with purchase.

Did a good amount of research about buying a high-end, expensive range target. Went with the SpyderWeb and I am definitely pleased. Stops everything, easy arrow retrieval, target face and contrasting bulls are highly visible even at a distance (60-80 yards). Built tough and sturdy. Also purchased the target cover to shield it from the elements--another quality item from SpyderWeb. Might not ever need a replacement, but if I do, I'll be back.

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Satisfied Consumer

Great Target saving bolts $$ . Worth the price.

High-Density ST 18 XL Archery Target

Great Target stops every arrow from my Ten Point Siege 410.That shoots a 423 grain arrow at 427 feet a second!

Amazing target

It will stop any crossbows on the market!!!

Awesome target

The bolts come out so easy I can let my 4 year old pull them out for me.