7 Wild Turkey Recipes for Spring

Bowhunting turkey is without a doubt one of the most demanding, yet most exciting ways to test your archery skills in the woods. And when you practice all year with a SpyderWeb Target, tagging a turkey with your bow actually becomes a feasible task!

Whether you tagged a tom with your bow or with trusty shotgun, the result is usually nothing short of a delicious field to fork feast.

Sure, you can roast your wild turkey Thanksgiving-style no problem, but it’s time to mix it up and marinate your tom in a little more creativity. Here are seven of our favorite wild turkey recipes that go beyond the traditional Thanksgiving roast:

  1. Turkey Pot Pie
    Bathe your tom in gravy and tuck him in under a golden, buttery crust blanket for an indulgent dinner. Bonus: turkey pot pie is very forgivable. Don’t have celery? Skip it. Want to load your pie with in-season spring veggies like asparagus? Go right ahead!
  1. Wild Turkey Carnitas
    Sure, turkey carnitas are a little unconventional, but this derivation is still plenty delicious in its own right. This recipe results in tender juicy turkey meat with perfectly crispy browned edges. Grab some tortillas and turkey tacos are at your fingertips!
  1. Grilled Turkey Kebabs
    Fire up the grill! These simple turkey kebabs marinated in a homemade concoction of ingredients you already have on hand, and layered with bell peppers and onions, is a great (and colorful) way to showcase your tom this year.
  1. Turkey Leg Gumbo
    This turkey leg gumbo is built on humble rusticity and a rich, dark roux, which gives it backbone while a well-balanced cocktail of Cajun spices will leave your taste buds singing a jazzy little tune.
  1. Turkey Scallopini
    When cut and pounded into thin medallions, wild turkey meat is a natural for Italian scallopini. Two to three slices of wild turkey in the pan with a little salad or roasted potatoes can be a simple and spectacular dinner for any night of the week
  1. Turkey Shawarma
    You don't have to have a large rotisserie to make shawarma at home. By tossing your turkey in those classic spices and roasting it at a high temperature, you can have succulent shawarma on your plate or in a pita in less than an hour.
  1. Turkey Pho
    Pho (pronounced “fuh”) is a traditional Vietnamese noodle soup typically made with beef. It can also be made with chicken, seafood, or turkey. Add chopped kale for some welcome heft and toast the spices beforehand to really amp up the broth.

What’s your favorite wild turkey recipe? Visit our Facebook page and drop us a line! Also, don’t forget to check out our products page to find a SpyderWeb Target that will help you tag a tom next year!

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