Get Your Crossbow Ready! Bow Season is Near.

Get Your Crossbow Ready! Bow Season is Near.

The refreshing and crisp fall air, the tangerine ribbons of light creeping over the horizon, the stillness of the dawn—words cannot explain the feelings of gratitude, peace, and wonder that rise with the sun on a fall morning in the...

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awesome target

I recently purchased the 18" Hi Density , no speed limit target. I don't know how you could rate this any lower than a 5 star. Its perfect ! I purchased a new Ten Point cross bow that shots 440 FPS,the bolts only went in the target about 1/2 way. I use an arrow grip to remove them and there is no issue. It is a heavy target to carry but it does the job perfect.
Do yourself a favor as well as a favor to a family owned business and order this target vs anything from "Big Box" stores. Also this family owned business has enough care to reach out to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase.

great target bag

Not having my vanes stripped off the bolts is a great thing. Bag does as advertised

The target works out great ! Easy arrow removal.

Stops Crossbow Bolts

Great target for not only stopping arrows and bolts, but it takes little effort to remove them too!
Highly recommend - you will be pleased.