Big Game Hunting Trips for Archers

America the Beautiful is home to some of the most exceptional big game animals, from 900-pound grizzlies to bison weighing over half a ton.

If you’ve been practicing with your SpyderWeb Target and are ready to experience the thrill of hunting an enormous animal, these four big game hunting trips are great places to secure a new trophy for your wall, a story for your grandkids, and the key ingredient for some seriously delicious elk burgers.

Moose in Alaska

Gear up to hunt the Last Frontier and come face-to-face with the sheer power and elegance of one of the most striking symbols of Alaska’s wild natural fauna.

  • Where to Hunt: Fairbanks Management Area, national and state forests
  • Licensing: Alaska Department of Fish and Game
  • Strategy: If you’re looking to tag any legal bull, lace up your boots. When you spot one, stalk it. Make your shot count, because you don’t want your moose expiring in someone’s backyard. Get off the road and be prepared for a serious workout if you want to take a larger bull.

Elk in Idaho

Idaho has solid elk numbers and good bulls with first-come, first-served, over-the-counter tags and no shortage of areas to explore.

  • Where to Hunt: National forests, private lands enrolled in the Access Yes! program, state forests
  • Licensing: Idaho Department of Fish and Game
  • Strategy: Keep your GPS handy and consider hiking deep into remote drainages. Bulls here respond well in the dark. Locate a bull and reach him by daybreak, then dog him until you kill him.

Mule Deer in South Dakota

South Dakota boasts abundant public land with reliable populations and decent trophy potential.

  • Where to Hunt: Private lands enrolled in the state’s Walk-In Area program, Black Hills National Forest, Buffalo Gap National Grassland, Custer National Forest, state game production areas
  • Licensing: South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks
  • Strategy: The rut gets wild and mature bucks sometimes forsake all common sense. Watch the wind, but hunt aggressively. Use a silhouette decoy to draw a buck in close.

Antelope in Wyoming

Nowhere else will you see so many speed goats. Whether you’re new to Western hunting or love antelope steaks, Wyoming is the place to be.

  • Where to Hunt: State land, Walk-In Areas, BLM land, Hunter Landowner Assistance Program properties
  • Licensing: Wyoming Game & Fish Department
  • Strategy: Consider accumulating one or more preference points before trying for a tag. In hot weather, focus on water and alfalfa fields. If that doesn’t work, spot-and-stalk a buck. In late September, deploy a decoy.

Big game hunting requires practice with an archery target that talks a big game.

SpyderWeb Targets talks the talk and walks the walk and will get you ready for a big game hunt. Check out our products to find a SpyderWeb Target that fits your shooting needs. You can also read verified customer reviews and learn more about SpyderWeb Targets on our Facebook page and see what our customers are saying about us.

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Stops Ravin Bolts

Does exactly what is advertised.
I would definitely by this target again.

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Works as advertised

This target works great and as advertised. Shooting it with a 2021 TenPoint Seige at 410 fps, the bolts went in 4 to 5 inches, and came out easy. Should have purchased this target first!

pricey but worth it

Freakishly fast shipping. I had the target within 2 days of my order! Read the reviews and thought they were likely exaggerated but essentially they were accurate. I was shooting a Ravin R29X at 450 FPS. My initial sight in shots were at 20 yards. 6 inches of penetration but took all 5 fingers to pull not just the two as some people experienced. Still not difficult to pull even under the extreme conditions. A little pricey but you need to decide if you want to wrestle with arrows in cheaper targets or pay the price of having easy arrow removal. Id rather spend my time shooting than pulling and scraping residue off arrows..


Good buy

Free shipping and it really does stop arrows with two finger pull outs, face is already showing wear but i have sharpies long as it stops them