SpyderWeb Targets vs. TenPoint Crossbows

Over the past two years, TenPoint has introduced a handful of new crossbow models that represent an evolutionary leap in bow assembly technology and performance as some of the highest performing crossbows ever built. Not to mention they shoot at devastatingly high speeds. These aren’t just your average hunting rifles—there’s no question about it.

However, there is one question we hear TenPoint Crossbow owners asking quite often: Is there a target that can handle my high speed TenPoint Crossbow?

The answer is a resounding yes! No matter how fast your TenPoint Crossbow shoots, a SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target can take it. A SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target won’t damage your arrows and is guaranteed to stand up to these high speed TenPoint Crossbows:

TenPoint Nitro XRT Crossbow: 470 FPS

The Nitro XRT Crossbow feeds your need for speed and boasts unprecedented knockdown power. But it won’t be able to knock down a SpyderWeb Target!

TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow: 440 FPS

Second in speed and power, the Nitro X Crossbow provides a smooth shot, precision accuracy, and explosive power easily diffused by a SpyderWeb Target.

TenPoint Stealth NXT Crossbow: 410 FPS

Named the 2018 Crossbow of the Year, the Stealth NXT features a whisper quiet shot and fires at lightning speeds that are effortlessly stunted by a SpyderWeb Target.

Wicked Ridge RDX Crossbow by TenPoint: 400 FPS

The first Wicked Ridge flagship model, the RDX Crossbow delivers ripping speeds that won’t even leave a scratch on a SpyderWeb Target.

If you have a high speed TenPoint Crossbow, SpyderWeb Targets can take it. Here’s what our customers are saying about SpyderWeb Targets vs. TenPoint Crossbows:

“I was regretting my purchase of a TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow as I couldn't find a target capable of stopping the bolt without damaging the bolt or fletching. The SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target is the only target that can handle the speed from my TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow.”

“I bought a SpyderWeb Target last year and it’s great. I shoot a TenPoint Stealth NXT and you can still remove the arrow easily with two fingers. I’d definitely recommend.”

“I’ve shot bows for over 50 years at just about everything. Each target has its pros and cons and punching out a 20” bolt at over 400 fps from a TenPoint Nitro X presents quite a challenge. But SpyderWeb Targets No Speed Limit setup keeps the shooting fun.”

“I recently purchased the TenPoint Nitro X Crossbow and promptly destroyed two bolts that couldn’t even be seen sticking out of the front of the target. After some research, I came across SpyderWeb Targets and purchased a No Speed Limit Target. I was hesitant about destroying another bolt, but it only went in the SpyderWeb Target five inches and stopped! Extracting the arrow was also very easy. I would definitely recommend SpyderWeb Targets if you have a really fast crossbow.”

“I shoot a TenPoint Crossbow and the SpyderWeb Target stops arrows at approximately six inches versus the block target where the arrows get buried up to the fletching, sometimes to the nock, and arrow removal is a pain. With the SpyderWeb Target, arrows slide out smooth as silk making target practice a joy. Get one you'll love it!”

You can always read more verified customer reviews on our specific product pages, on Amazon, and on our Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns about shooting your high speed TenPoint Crossbow into a SpyderWeb Target, contact us today!

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