SpyderWeb Targets Can Handle the Speed of your TenPoint Nitro XRT

A new era of archery has begun and there’s one word that seems to best define it: technology.

With an increase in demand for newer and better bows, bow makers have been striving toward design innovations aiming to make bows sleeker, quieter, and faster than ever with high speeds that no longer come at the expense of smooth-shooting characteristics. No matter what crossbow you have (Scorpyd Aculeus, TenPoint Nitro XRT, Ravin R20 Crossbow, Barnett Predator, etc.) SpyderWeb NO SPEED LIMIT Targets can take the heat.

This new era of technology has tremendously evolved compound bows, as many are now capable of firing arrows close to 400 fps. Compound bow technology has come so far that many now believe the limits the laws of physics place on cams and cables pulled by a human arm have been reached.

Compound bows may have reached their speed ceiling, but crossbow top speeds are exceeding 400 fps and only getting faster.

These technological breakthroughs aren’t slowing down as engineers continue to push speed limits.

So a new era of bows is definitely here—but what about archery targets?

If you’ve been shooting one of the hottest bows on the market, you may have discovered it’s so hot, in fact, that your arrow keeps melting the foam in your targets. This started to be an issue back when arrow speeds were reaching 400 fps (see video below). SpyderWeb Targets are NOT made of foam, and don't melt.

Now that arrow speeds are exceeding the 400 fps milestone, it is time to ditch your foam target. At the beginning of 2018, SpyderWeb Targets debuted its latest and greatest series of archery targets: NO SPEED LIMIT. (Check out our No Speed Limit Portable Archery Targets.)

When you shoot arrows at high speeds—they get hot. So hot that they can melt the foam and weld in place. It’s not uncommon to hear archers talking about having to cut their blazing bolts out of a foam target. If this is the case, it’s time to embrace a new era of archery targets and welcome a No Speed Limit Portable Archery Target into your arsenal of archery equipment.

At SpyderWeb Targets, we know that shooting these fast and furious crossbows requires a certain level of practice and you need a target that can take the heat. That’s why SpyderWeb Targets developed its signature line of No Speed Limit targets in response to this new era of archery advancements.

SpyderWeb’s No Speed Limit Targets for personal and commercial use are not only able to handle arrow speeds beyond 400 fps, but also feature our innovative patented technology including Spylar mesh to guarantee unmatched stopping power and unbelievably easy arrow removal.

There’s no other target on the market prepared to stand up to the technology defining this new era of archery. SpyderWeb Targets has been an industry leader responsible for innovating archery equipment geared for today and the future.

As we look to the future, we’ll remain committed to staying ahead of the game so we can be ready to take on the fastest arrow you can fire. As speed barriers start to break, we promise that your arrow won’t!

At SpyderWeb Targets, we are stepping ahead in the speed race with this new line of No Speed Limit archery targets. So we dare you to bring your biggest, baddest bow and we will bring our littlest target. If you have any questions about our No Speed Limit targets or any of our other SpyderWeb products, contact us today!

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