4 Tips to Become a Better Archer

One of the reasons we love archery is because it challenges us to never stop improving.

Whether you’re just starting out or getting more serious about archery, there’s always something you can work on—from perfecting your form and stance to executing a proper follow through.

Another reason we love archery is because the hard work always pays off. When you commit to practicing and polishing your archery skills, you’ll also end up polishing more tournament trophies and engraved plaques labeling your mounted trophy bucks.

Here are four tips to help you become a better archer and shoot like a modern-day Howard Hill:

Get the Best Gear

High quality archery gear performs better and will help you perform better. From arrows to bows to targets, buying the best archery gear is an investment that pays off. That’s why SpyderWeb Targets handcrafts the highest quality, most durable archery targets available that have the ability to withstand a lifetime of shooting. Our goal at SpyderWeb Targets is to provide archery targets that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Practice Smarter, Not Harder

You don’t have to shoot 500 arrows a day to become a better archer. After all, you only get one shot in the moment of truth. So focus on making each arrow count. Even if you only shoot for a few minutes a day, if you use that time with intention and purpose you will be amazed at how quickly you improve. And when you practice with a SpyderWeb Target, you’ll be able to spend more of your short practice time actually shooting because you won't have to wrestle your target after every shot. Spyderweb Targets allow you to easily pull your arrows out -- no melting foam here! 

Shoot With Others

Not only is it more fun, shooting with others forces you to practice under pressure. There is a big difference between shooting by yourself and shooting while others are staring at you. Shooting at a big buck gets the heart pumping and the nerves racking. Recreate that feeling by shooting around others to teach yourself to steel your nerves while at full draw. So grab some buddies, set up your SpyderWeb Target and a few backyard archery games, and let the smack talk fly with the arrows.


At the end of the day, the most important thing to remember is that archery is supposed to be fun. Relaxing will not only enhance your enjoyment of the sport, but it will actually improve your accuracy and power. SpyderWeb Targets are designed to foster a safe, fun, and stress-free shooting experience because your arrows won’t break and you won’t have to expend the majority of your energy trying to yank them out of your target.

Honing your craft and sharpening your skills to become a better archer also coincides with becoming better in other areas of your life. Not only does this endeavor challenge us to be a better shot and athlete, but it also challenges us to be more respectful, humble, focused, and a whole lot more patient.

If you’re ready to reap the benefits found on the path to becoming a better archer, the best place to start is with SpyderWeb Targets. Check out our products to see which target fits your shooting needs. And if you have questions, contact us today! We love talking with our customers about any and all things archery.

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