You Might Need a SpyderWeb Target If…

If you’re a bowhunter, archery enthusiast of any caliber, or have ever wondered if you might be a redneck, you’ve probably heard of Jeff Foxworthy.

Jeff Foxworthy is the king of blue collar country comedy and one of the most successful comedians in history. His signature “You might be a redneck” stand-up routine is one that is loved by all—no matter what color their collar.

Not only is Foxworthy one of the funniest guys on the planet, he is also an avid bowhunter. He has spoken many times about indulging his passion for bowhunting on his 3,000-acre farm in Georgia, which has been described as a sportsman’s paradise. We’re still waiting for our invite…

While we wait, and in an effort to pay homage to Jeff Foxworthy and his passion for hunting and hilarity, we present you with:

You might need a SpyderWeb Target if…

…your arrows are always getting stuck in your target.

All SpyderWeb Targets feature unbelievably easy arrow removal. We want you to spend more time out enjoying a sport you love and less time doing the backbreaking work of yanking arrows out of your target and taking trips to the chiropractor. When you shoot into a SpyderWeb Target, we guarantee that you will be able to pull the arrow out easily and with only two fingers.

…you’re tired of shooting your target face out every year.

So were we. So we found a solution. All SpyderWeb Targets are made using a Spylar mesh face. Rather than the usual tearing that occurs when an arrow penetrates the target face, the complex weave of self-healing synthetic fibers spread apart and then shrink back and recover when you retrieve your arrow. If you want to renew your target face after removing a bolt, you are literally able to wipe the hole away by rubbing the face of the target and watch as the strands return to their original position.

…you want to spend more time shooting and spend less money on replacements.

SpyderWeb Targets won’t break your arrows and they will likely never need replacing. SpyderWeb Targets patented technology makes them almost impossibly durable and capable of withstanding a lifetime of shooting. At SpyderWeb Targets, we share your passion for archery and are looking out for your best interest instead of just trying to line our pockets with your hard-earned money. That’s why we provide archery target solutions that give you the biggest bang for your buck.

…your target can’t stand up to your high speed crossbow.

Nothing ruins the fun like having to walk over and pick up your target after each shot. SpyderWeb Targets patented technology guarantees your target won’t tip over no matter how fast your arrow is flying. And there is no limit on the speed at which you can fire an arrow at a No Speed Limit SpyderWeb Target. No matter what, a SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target will stand its ground so you can get back to doing what you enjoy as quickly as possible.

…you’re a range owner who wants a greater ROI.

It’s a no brainer to choose SpyderWeb Range Targets to get the highest ROI from your archery range. Although other range targets might cost less up front, SpyderWeb Range Targets will make you more money in the long run. SpyderWeb Targets are built by former range owners using technologies deeming them the longest lasting archery targets on the market. So, instead of constantly dreading replacing your range wall, invest in SpyderWeb Range Targets.

…you want an enjoyable shooting experience.

SpyderWeb Targets are some of the most durable and high performing archery targets and are designed to foster a safe and fun shooting experience. This is partially attributed to Spylar technology, which will actually have you looking forward to retrieving your arrows. At the end of the day, our aim is to improve your aim and provide you with the most enjoyable shooting experience possible.

…you believe in supporting companies who do things right.

At SpyderWeb Targets, our mission is to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting archery targets while holding honesty and integrity as our top priorities. SpyderWeb Targets is a company opposed to the concept of planned obsolescence and we are working hard every day to make targets that have the ability to last a lifetime of shooting. You can trust us when we say you will be more than satisfied with a SpyderWeb Target.

…you’re ready to be amazed.

SpyderWeb Targets are above average in craftsmanship, above average in design integrity, exceptional in performance, and supreme in the ease of arrow removal. We share your passion for archery and we want you to be nothing short of amazed when you shoot a SpyderWeb Target.

If you think you might need a SpyderWeb Target, check out our products to see which target fits your shooting needs. If you have questions, contact us today! We love talking with our customers about any and all things archery.

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