8 Venison Recipes for the Holidays

When you practice all year with a SpyderWeb Target, the result is typically nothing short of a freezer full of venison.

But the harvest is only part of the hunting experience. Thinning out the herd of venison that lives in your freezer is always a fun and delicious challenge.

The holidays are the perfect time to celebrate deer season with family and friends. (Here are the best ways to cook venison cuts.)

These eight venison recipes will help you do just that:

1. Venison Stuffed Acorn Squash

The combination of venison and unique spice blend accentuates the sweetness of the squash, while the tang of the yogurt and the cheddar bring the creaminess. This venison recipe comes together quickly and makes a perfectly portioned squash dinner for two.

2. Venison Cabbage Rolls

Venison cabbage rolls are a comforting winter dish that also makes for a complete meal. The traditional preparation of a savory, hearty filling rolled up in tender cabbage leaves slow-baked in tomato sauce creates an incredibly flavorful, juicy masterpiece of a meal.

3. Venison Pot Pie

Covering a blend of hearty venison and saucy veggies in a light, puffy, flaky crust is soul-warming goodness. Just reading the recipe for this venison pot pie is the kind of thing that makes your mouth water as the nostalgia of good home cooking sweeps over you.

4. Venison Wellington

Cook up a game version of this dinner party parcel. Wellington is one of those old-fashioned dishes still revered for being fancy. It is definitely a showstopper, but it’s much more manageable than its over-the-top reputation makes it seem.

5. Venison Stuffing Balls

Combine the fluffy homestyle stuffing you crave all year with sharp cheddar and venison, fashion into balls, and you’ve got the perfect holiday appetizer. Be sure to make a big batch, because these guys have a way of not making it out of the kitchen.

6. Venison Shepard’s Pie

When the temperature takes a permanent nosedive and fall starts to look a lot more like winter, this shepherd’s pie, with its savory venison filling and creamy mashed potatoes, will warm you from the inside out while curing ailments you didn’t even know you had.

7. Venison Pasties

Traditionally, a pasty is meat and root vegetable hand pie eaten by miners on cold winter lunch breaks in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the venison pasty—pronounced PASS-tee—is a Great Lakes State institution and unforgettably delicious.

8. Bacon Wrapped Venison Bites

Savory, marinated bite-sized chunks of lean venison meat wrapped in hickory smoked bacon, broiled to perfection, and basted with BBQ sauce result in small bites boasting big flavors that are sure to draw a crowd.

(10 More Venison Recipes that aren't Chili!)

What’s your favorite venison recipe to make during the holidays?

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