9 Archery Podcasts You’ve Got to Check out

At SpyderWeb Targets, we love exploring any and all topics pertaining to archery in all of its forms. If it relates in any way to the use of a bow and arrow, we’re game to listen in.

There are many podcasts covering a broad range of territory from tournament archery to traditional bowhunting to shooting form. So we've put together a list of some favorite archery-related podcasts for you to put in rotation this summer as you gear up for another autumnal bowhunting blowout!

Here are nine archery podcasts you’ve got to check out:

  1. Bowhunt or Die

Bowhunt or Die is a show for people who are serious about bowhunting. Follow a team of real world bowhunters through the ups and downs of their season as they balance family and work with their passion for bowhunting.

  1. Bow Junky

Professional archer and industry insider Greg Poole discusses all things archery, including tuning, hunting, industry news, tournament results, etc. Greg’s experience and perspective makes for some interesting archery-related conversations.

  1. Peterson’s Bowhunting Radio

Join Christen Berg as he interviews and archery’s foremost experts and biggest personalities. Every episode is packed with entertaining stories and invaluable bowhunting insights.

  1. The Traditional Bowhunting and Wilderness Podcast

Jason Samkowiak started this podcast revolving around bowhunting, ethics, gear reviews, and more so you can enjoy everything about the outdoors even when you can’t be outdoors.

  1. Nock On

Listen in for educational archery tips from technical expert and accomplished professional archer John Dudley. He also provides professional insights to new products and industry trends.

  1. The Push: A Traditional Archery Podcast

This archery podcast is intended to help expedite the traditional archery learning curve whether you’re into bowhunting with a recurve or longbow, competition, or just enjoy the art of archery. 

  1. Archery Maniacs

Enjoy this fun, informative, action-packed archery podcast with Zach and Hannah Herold as they interview guests, answer questions, do gear reviews, and encourage others to live life at full draw.

  1. Tradgeeks

This is where modern hunting meets traditional hunting. Tradgeeks is a traditional archery podcast for the next generation archer. Here you can find gear reviews, strategies to help you become more efficient in the field, and more.

  1. Easton Target Archery

Join Easton’s Senior Engineer and former USA World team member George Tekmitchov and former World Field Champion Steve Anderson to hear and learn about all things target archery. 

Do you have a favorite archery podcast or a favorite episode from one of these nine archery podcasts? Stop by our Facebook page and drop us a line—we’d love to hear from you!

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Great Product! Very Easy to remove arrows!

I had heard that this target was great, but was still surprised how easy my arrow came out after shooting it with my 330fps Matthew's compound bow. I almost thought the first arrow was hadn't made clean impact because it came out so easily! Cans wait to try it with my new Ravin crossbow that is coming!