Fastest Compound Bows of 2019 - We Stand Ready.

Perfect for target practice or precision game hunting, compound bows offer amazing control, power, and even speed.

But although compound bows reach their speed ceiling pre-400 feet per second, many still shoot at devastatingly high speeds that the average archery targets just can’t handle as gracefully as SpyderWeb Targets can. 

SpyderWeb Targets won’t damage your arrows, will give them back with ease, and are guaranteed to stand up to these shiny new high-speed compound bows that bringing modernity to the age-old art of archery.

Here are four of the fastest compound bows of 2019:

Hoyt Helix: 342 FPS

With one shot, the all-new Helix compound bow from Hoyt quietly shattered every record in the book for shot silence and vibration damping. Everything about the Helix was designed and engineered for performance, accuracy, silence, and yes, even speed.

Bear Perception: 350 FPS

Introducing the first bow of its kind, a shoot-through engineered with all the performance of a shoot-through in a small hunting bow package. This limited edition bow weighs barely weights four pounds and shoots at scorching speeds of 350 feet per second.

Bowtech Realm SR6: 352 FPS

You won’t believe a compound bow this fast draws this smooth until you shoot it. The Bowtech Realm SR6 is specifically designed in a shape to optimize speed, but without the harsh draw cycle associated with typical high-speed compound bows.

Xpedition Mako X: 364 FPS

Get ready to experience what it’s like to be the fastest predator in your environment with the 2019 Xpedition Mako X. The Mako X compound bow has a fluid shot cycle that redefines shootability in a speed bow from draw to release.

If you’re shooting one of these new fast and furious compound bows, or any other compound bow shooting at speeds closer to 400 than to 300 feet per second, you need a target worthy of your compound bow’s greatness. You need a target that is durable, has an unmatched level of stopping power, features easy arrow removal, and can handle sizzling arrow speeds. You need a SpyderWeb Target!

Check out our products to find a SpyderWeb Target that fits your shooting needs. You can also read verified customer reviews on our specific product pages, on Amazon, and on our Facebook page. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns about shooting your high-speed compound bow into a SpyderWeb Target, contact us today—we’d love to hear from!

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