A Buyer’s Guide to Archery Targets

Are you in the market for an archery target, but not quite sure where to start?

This buyer’s guide will help you find a target that fits your shooting needs. Here are a few questions to consider before pulling the trigger on a new archery target:

What is your bow’s speed rating?

Knowing your bow’s speed rating—typically listed in feet per second (fps)—can be a major factor in helping you choose a target. If you’re shooting a high-speed crossbow, you need an archery target with a speed rating to match. Better yet, you need a SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target.

What do you want in a target?

Safety, durability, and ease of arrow removal are three qualities to look for in an archery target. A target that has been constructed with exceptional design integrity and has a high-density interior and a facing that ensures what’s on the inside stays inside. This equates to a higher level of durability, more stopping power, and a safer shooting experience. You also want a target that offers easy, two-finger arrow removal with every shot.

How do you know if you’re buying a quality target?

Reading verified customer reviews is one of the best ways to tell if you’re buying a quality target. These can be found on a company’s website, Amazon, and on their Facebook business page. For example, SpyderWeb Targets currently have 262 verified customer reviews (and counting!). Of those, 96% indicated a 100% customer satisfaction rating. That’s a solid indication of a quality archery target.

What else should you know before pulling the trigger on a target?

Price to quality ratio. There are plenty of times when it's wise opt for the cheaper version of something. But not when it comes to archery targets. Choosing a target is one of those times where it makes more sense to shell out some extra cash and invest in a higher quality target. A target that will last you a lifetime of shooting. A target that reigns supreme when it comes to ease of arrow removal and safety. A SpyderWeb Target.

Our mission at SpyderWeb Targets is been to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting archery targets available. Check out all the targets we have available on our products page and if you have any questions, visit our Facebook page or contact us today!

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