The Benefits of Micro-Diameter Arrows

The Benefits of Micro-Diameter Arrows

Like bows, arrows come in many varieties. When choosing arrows that will set you up for bowhunting success, some of the most important qualities include straightness, a uniform spine, a well-aligned broadhead, consistent weight, a strong, well-fitting nock, and perfect fletching.

Another one of the most important characteristics of a hunting arrow: a micro-diameter shaft.

Think it might be time to try shooting skinny arrows? Here are four benefits of micro-diameter arrows:

Better Penetration

Micro-diameter arrows penetrate better than larger-diameter arrows of the same weight. Though the stiffness does play a small role, shaft diameter appears to be the most important factor when it comes to penetration. A micro-diameter shaft has a surface area approximately half that of larger-diameter shafts. The smaller surface area of the thin shaft vastly reduces the resistance as the arrow slips into the target.

Reduced Wind Drift

Just as in penetration, wind drift is proportional to the total surface area of the arrow. When you shoot micro-diameter arrows in a crosswind, they exhibit much less sideways drift than larger-diameter arrows of the same weight. A micro-diameter arrow is more likely to hit the vitals than a fat shaft if you forget to compensate for the wind. By switching to small-diameter arrows with smaller fletching, you can cut your wind drift by more than half on longer shots.

Smaller Fletching

It takes much less fletching to start a micro-diameter shaft spinning than it does to start a large-diameter shaft spinning. This is because the mass of a large-diameter shaft is further away from its axis. So, you can use small fletching on small-diameter shafts. This further decreases the arrow's total surface area. An added benefit of short, low-profile fletching is it decreases the noise the arrow makes as it flies through the air.

Better Downrange Velocity

Arrows slow down as they move forward because of the friction of the air they are passing through. The greater the surface area of an arrow, the quicker it slows down. This means micro-diameter arrows better maintain their speed downrange. Because skinny arrows maintain more of their speed, they also have more kinetic energy and better penetration at longer distances. At 60 yards, small-diameter arrows lose a lower percentage of their initial velocity than a larger-diameter arrow.

Although these four aspects of micro-diameter arrows may be benefits when it comes to hunting, they can be drawbacks when it comes to target practice. But not if you’re practicing with a SpyderWeb Target!

SpyderWeb Targets can stop the skinniest, fastest micro-diameter arrow on the market at any distance. Whether you’re shooting from 60 yards or at point-blank range, you’ll be able to retrieve your micro-diameter arrow with ease every single time. We even guarantee it. 

Check out our products to find a SpyderWeb Target that fits your shooting needs! 

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