Best Crossbow Target For Shooting Over 400 FPS

Are you shooting a fast crossbow at speeds hovering around 450 FPS? Have you been struggling to determine which target block will be able to hold it’s own against your high-speed crossbow?

The best way to go about finding a target that works for you is to look at the four most likely issues with crossbow target blocks:

    1. Stopping Power
    2. Easy Arrow Removal
    3. Durability
    4. Trustworthy Company

Stopping Power

First and foremost, the target needs to be able to stop your 400-450 FPS bolt. While SpyderWeb Targets has the only No Speed Limit rating, most brands have a 450 FPS maximum rating. However, rating is one thing—results are another. A perfect way to determine the rating is to look at the arrow penetration on different target brands. You can see this by looking at verified product reviews (not just reviews from the company or their family and friends).

Here are a few of SpyderWeb Target’s verified reviews about stopping power:

“I have a Ravin R10 crossbow and my old target would not stop my arrows and I had to refletch them, I was looking at another target and the reviews were not good. They said to buy a SpyderWeb target and it will stop the arrows from the Ravin R10 crossbow. They were right. The arrows go in about three inches. I highly recommend this target.” – Robert

I am shooting the most powerful crossbow on the market and this unbelievable block target stops them fast. Little penetration and TWO FINGER pull out! Holes are self-healing. I never imagined this thing could be so good. It is worth its weight in gold. Broke three bolts trying to remove them from a regular block. That alone would have paid for this block.” – Scott J.

Easy Arrow Pull

Have you ever had to stand on your target to get your arrow out? That is what prevents most shooters from practicing more. It ultimately leads to being less prepared to make the shot of a lifetime. The backbone of any elite crossbow target is the ability for any shooter—young or old—to be able to easily retrieve arrows.

Once again you can research the arrow pull by checking out verified reviews like these from real shooters:

I wish there was a six-star rating. I bought this target because of the reviews. I never write reviews but thought it was important on this target. Yes, it’s more expensive, but so are the bolts for my new Ravin R20. This target can handle the bolts at any distance, any speed. My 7-year-old removes the bolts from the target if that tells you anything about the quality of this design. Spend the extra money.” – Richard C.

Shot my Ravin R10 at 10 yards for set up. It stopped the bolt dead and is easy to pull. I tried the two-finger and pinky method and they came out with ease. Amazing. Best target ever.” – Michael R.


It’s shocking how expensive arrows are these days. When looking at the durability of any archery target, it is vital to consider when the target will ultimately fail. When this happens, it usually comes at the expense of ruining one or more arrows or bolts—making your original target purchase that much more expensive.

Once again, look for reviews that protect your arrows:

Kelly was a great help explaining how the target was built and how it worked. I shoot a Barnett Whitetail Pro and no target could stop the bolt without leaving me with a bolt stuck in the target and no hope of removing it. With my new SpyderWeb Target at 10 feet, the bolt only goes in four to five inches and is removed with two fingers. Love my new target. Would buy again if it ever wears out.” – Paul M.

“My Ravin R10 shoots at 400 FPS and the ST 24 XL NO SPEED LIMIT target is great. Arrows pull out with two fingers. All my friends have used it and they are impressed! More than 200 shots and the target still looks like new. Five stars.” – Andrew

“The NO SPEED 24 XL is probably the only target on the market that you could put in your will to give to your son, grandson, and then your great-grandson. It’s that tough.”


Like you, we pay a great deal of attention to what our customer reviews say. Our goal at SpyderWeb Targets is to be sure that every customer is 100% satisfied. In other words, they leave five-star reviews. Currently, 95% of our customers online have left a five-star review.

You can determine a company's trustworthiness by looking at reviews like these:

“Pricey, but as advertised. I was regretting my purchase of a TenPoint Nitro X as I couldn't find a target capable of stopping the bolt without damaging the bolt or fletching. With three shots my crossbow is sighted in. I am happy with the SpyderWeb ST18 XL target and would buy it again.” – Charles H.

“The best of the best. This crossbow target exceeded my expectations, second only to the outstanding customer service. Bolts are easily removed, self-healing, and stable when used. Don't waste your hard-earned cash on lesser targets, get a SpyderWeb Target and don't look back.” – Jerry D.

SpyderWeb Targets are the best crossbow target for shooting over 400 FPS, 450 FPS, and beyond.

Making the right decision with you next crossbow target purchase could be life-changing.  At SpyderWeb Targets, our aim is for you to enjoy and be confident in your shooting. If you have any questions, contact SpyderWeb Targets today!

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