How to Care for Your SpyderWeb Target

Archery is an equipment-heavy sport. 

It’s not like swimming or running where you’re using your body and your body only. To be an archer, you need the proper tools. And like all endeavors that require tools, you need to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

SpyderWeb Targets are almost impossibly durable and are able to withstand a lifetime of shooting. One customer’s verified review even noted that “These are the only targets on the market that you could put in your will to give to your son, grandson, and then your great-grandson.” But there are still simple steps you can take to care for your SpyderWeb Target.

Here are easy ways to care for you SpyderWeb Target to make sure it lives its best and longest life:

Cover It Up

You would like to leave your target outdoors, but are worried that the sun or rain will damage it? SpyderWeb’s Target Covers will keep your target in pristine condition and come in two sizes to snugly fit your target.

Never Use Broadheads

SpyderWeb Targets are meant for field points and field points only. Broadheads are designed to kill—and that’s exactly what they will do to your SpyderWeb Target.

Keep Off the Grass

While SpyderWeb Targets are highly durable, the moisture from the ground isn’t going to do your target any favors. Keep your target on a raised platform to prevent any moisture from taking its toll.

Wipe Away the Holes

All SpyderWeb Targets are made using our patented technology featuring a self-healing Spylar mesh face that allows you to renew your target face after removing a bolt. Simply rub the face of the target and expect to be amazed when you are able to literally wipe the hole away from a previously shot arrow and watch as the strands return to their original position.

Perform Regular Inspections

Think your target is wearing out faster than it should? Although our defect rate is less than 0.5%, we feel it is our responsibility to replace any defective targets. We will even cover all the packaging and shipping costs. If you have any issues, please call us directly and we will solve the problem for you.

For nearly 15 years, our mission has been to bring you the highest quality, longest lasting archery targets available.

You can easily take a look at some of the targets we offer on our products page and purchase them using our fast, simple, and secure checkout. And, as always, if you have any questions about what we do or about any of our SpyderWeb products, contact us today! Our aim is to improve your aim and provide you with the most enjoyable shooting experience possible.

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