Choosing the Right Archery Target

Whether you are involved in competitions, are an avid bowhunter, or just enjoying shooting recreationally, target practice is essential to generating the muscle memory and strength needed for optimal performance.

But choosing a target can be an arduous task as archery targets come in all shapes and sizes and are made from many different materials.

Gone are the days of ruining the fletching by shooting through old hay bales, here’s a breakdown of your options to help you choose the right archery target:

Bag Targets

Bag targets are the most basic style of archery target and are meant for compound bows, field points, and the indoors. Leaving a bag target out of the elements will cause it to deteriorate quicker. Also, a bag target needs to be heavy and dense to ensure its immobility when in use. This is why the suggested use for bag targets is on an indoor range where you can leave them in one spot so you don’t have to haul around an awkward bag target every time you want to shoot.

Foam Targets

Foam targets are affordable, lightweight, and versatile as you can shoot both field points and broadheads. Foam targets work by pinching the arrow using friction to stop its momentum instead of force. Because of this, it’s not uncommon to hear archers talking about having to cut out an arrow that’s melted and welded into the foam. You also need to be aware of your shooting angle. Since they work by pinching the arrow between layers, you don’t want to be shooting through or across layers.

3D Targets

One of the best archery targets to prepare for real life hunting situations is a 3D target. They come in virtually every animal species and have various overlay options. However, the foam cores of 3D targets wear out quickly with repetition. It’s best to use field points, as you may lose a broadhead inside the foam core. Out of all the targets on the market, 3D targets are the most expensive and most cumbersome, taking up the most space in your garage and scaring you every time you turn a dark corner.

SpyderWeb Targets

SpyderWeb Targets are like no other. They are almost impossibly durable, will likely never need replacing, and when you shoot into a SpyderWeb Target, you will be able to pull the arrow out with only two fingers. This is attributed to Spylar technology which also provides unmatched stopping power as it allows more stuffing to be packed in. There is also no limit on the speed at which you can fire an arrow at these archery targets. The target won’t tip over, your arrow won’t break, and the self-healing Spylar face makes the hole created by the arrow vanish almost magically.

At SpyderWeb Targets, we share your passion for archery and are looking out for your best interest instead of just trying to line our pockets with your hard-earned money. We want you to spend more time shooting and less time and money on bag, foam, and 3D targets. If you’re ready to welcome us into your archery equipment family, check out our products to see which target fits your shooting needs. If you have any other questions, contact SpyderWeb Targets today. We’d love to hear from you!

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