Tired of shooting your target face out every year? So were we. And we found a solution.

Spylar is the key ingredient to target performance.

All SpyderWeb Targets are made using our patented technology featuring Spylar mesh.

How does it work? Rather than the usual tearing or scarring that occurs when an arrow penetrates the target face, the complex weave of self-healing synthetic fibers spread apart and then shrink back and recover when you retrieve your arrow. Expect to be amazed when you are able to literally wipe the hole away from a previously shot arrow. If you want to renew your target face after removing a bolt, you can actually rub the face of the target and the strands will return to their original position.

This technology also allows us to pack more stuffing inside each target. Actually, make that double the stuffing per cubic foot compared to other bag targets. Spylar's self-healing feature allows for what's inside the target to stay inside for much longer. And more material ultimately equates to more stopping power.

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Perfect target

I have a Ravin R29x and from 10 yards out to 80 its exactly the same. Two finger arrow removal. Looking forward to it getting warmer and putting more bolts and arrows in to it. Thanks again for making a amazing target!!!!

Shot it with Ravineth no problem. Awesome target.wi R29X. Pulls out

The best crossbow target I have ever owned. Use only two fingers to pull out my 430 fps ten point centerpunch arrows, which only penetrate 6 inches or less. My other crossbow targets takes two people and half the time are buried to the nock ruining the vanes.

ST 30 Target Cover Large

just what i was looking for

works excellent stops vapor 470 arrows