Ravin Crossbows ... We can handle that.

Melting is for cheese, not targets.

In the never-ending quest for superior speed and rifle-like accuracy, Ravin is an industry leader when it comes to crossbow technology.

The sheer power of a Ravin Crossbow comes from brilliant, barrier-breaking enhancements that can generate scorching arrow speeds of well over 400 feet per second without batting an eye. Even the smallest, most compact Ravin Crossbow, which measures just 33 inches and tips the scales at only 6.8 pounds, fires at 400 feet per second with devastatingly accurate downrange precision.

If you shoot a Ravin Crossbow, you’re familiar with their punishing downrange energy. And you’ve also discovered that your block target doesn’t stand a chance when positioned downrange of a Ravin Crossbow.

The only archery targets with the necessary stopping power and durability to stand up to Ravin Crossbows without damaging your arrows are SpyderWeb Targets.

Here’s what are customers are saying about shooting Ravin Crossbows into a SpyderWeb Target:

“I used to shoot my Ravin Crossbow (432 fps) at a block target and could never get the field points out—even at 50 yards. I have broken Ravin bolts (which are not cheap) trying to remove them from every target other than the SpyderWeb Target. I shot the No Speed Limit SpyderWeb Target at seven yards and pulled the bolt out with little effort.”

“I tried a variety of blocks for use with my Ravin R20 Crossbow and none of them could stop the bolts from penetrating too deep, making it difficult to remove bolts without damaging them. So in frustration, I called Ravin and the guy I talked with told me SpyderWeb Targets are the only targets Ravin uses to test their crossbows. I purchased two SpyderWeb Targets and they are outstanding.”

“I purchased a SpyderWeb target to sight in my new Ravin Crossbow. I read many online reviews and was looking for a target that would stop a bolt at 390 fps. The SpyderWeb Target exceeded my expectations! The bolts were easy to remove at 10, 20, and 30 yards without damage and no bolts went through the target.”

“My SpyderWeb Target handles bolts from my Raven R15 Crossbow with no trouble. There’s easy arrow removal on every shot and the target is actually self healing.”

“Best crossbow target I’ve ever had. My Raven Crossbow shoots at 440 fps and the SpyderWeb Target works like a charm and holds up great!”

“After buying a Ravin Crossbow I was burning bolts through my heavy-duty archery bag. Then I tried shooting them into my heavy-duty cube-style target and I could not get them out. I finally tried a SpyderWeb Target, which is built well and works perfectly with a super fast crossbow and the bolts remove very easily.”

You can always read more verified customer reviews on our specific product pages and on Amazon. If you have any questions or concerns about shooting your high speed Ravin Crossbow into a SpyderWeb Target, contact us today!

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