It’s What’s on the Inside That Counts

From the outside, it’s easy to tell that SpyderWeb Targets are high quality, well-made archery targets ranking above average in craftsmanship. But what you can’t see is what’s on the inside. And what’s on the inside, tells the story of how SpyderWeb Targets are able to reign supreme in the arena of stopping power.

Stopping power is of the utmost importance when it comes to fostering a safe and enjoyable shooting experience. Especially with new bow technologies that are able to store more and more energy, you need a target that won’t falter under pressure.

SpyderWeb Targets were developed not only with these fast and furious advancements in compound bows and crossbows in mind, but also in anticipation of future archery technology promising to be faster and more furious than ever thought possible.

So how do we do it?

SpyderWeb Targets patented design delivers on stopping power at high speeds. And when we say high speeds, we mean high speeds. SpyderWeb Targets are brutally tough and are guaranteed to stop an arrow ripping through the air at well over 400 feet per second.

SpyderWeb Targets unmatched stopping power is attributed to our patented design featuring Spylar technology, which stops arrows safely and effectively. Here’s how it works:

  • Virtually indestructible, the Spylar mesh face allows us to pack more stuffing inside each target—actually, make that double the stuffing per cubic foot compared to most other targets.
  • Spylar's self-healing feature makes sure that what’s on the inside of a SpyderWeb Target, stays inside, and more material ultimately equates to more stopping power.

These two features work together to stop arrows dead in their tracks by dampening energy quickly and allowing less damage to the target. This ensures a much, much longer target life, as the incredibly high-density interior will stay high-density for a lifetime of shooting.

Tired of wearing out and replacing your archery target year after year? This may be the last archery target you ever have to buy. At SpyderWeb Targets, we pride ourselves on building almost impossibly durable archery targets that have the ability to withstand a lifetime of shooting. We even guarantee it.

SpyderWeb Targets are the targets of today for the bows of tomorrow.

They are designed to promote a safe shooting environment with unparalleled stopping power. If you’re ready to welcome us into your archery equipment family, check out our products to see which target fits your shooting needs. If you have questions about the stopping power, the durability of our targets, or any other questions, contact us today!

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