SpyderWeb Targets Can Extend Your Shooting Range

One of the most challenging aspects of bowhunting is staying within your range.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating (and tempting) as setting your sights on a buck that’s close enough to field score, but not close enough to take an ethical shot. And you know he’s not coming any closer—he wouldn’t have got that big if he were stupid…

To increase your odds of success in the woods, you have to extend your shooting range. Practicing at long distances will not only increase your possible shots, but it will make closer shots cleaner and stronger. Even with today’s advanced bow technology making accurate long-range shots an achievable goal, effectively extending your range still requires the right practice equipment and a lot of practice.

SpyderWeb Targets are like no other in that they are designed to help you extend your shooting range. SpyderWeb Targets feature deer vitals on one side and they aren’t just there because they look cool. Their purpose is to help you extend your shooting range.

The deer vitals on SpyderWeb Targets replicate reduced-size deer vitals at a particular distance. For example, if you set the target at 20 yards, the size of the deer vitals will then replicate the size of a 175-pound whitetail at 30 yards. If you want to take it to the next level, set the target at 30 yards. The size of the deer vitals will then replicate the size of a 175-pound whitetail at 45 yards.

While many think shooting a 3D target is the best way to prepare for a realistic hunting scenario, the truth is that SpyderWeb Targets give you a better idea of what you’re going to see in the woods. Plus, you don’t need the whole animal—just the vital part.

Other factors to take into consideration with 3D targets are how expensive they become as the foam quickly wears out and need replacing. Not to mention they are cumbersome and your wife will be less than thrilled at how much space they take up in the garage.

So now that you’ve got your SpyderWeb Target set and dialed-in your bow, you’re ready for some serious range extending practice. Start by adding five yards at a time. Spend a few days or week practicing at that distance and continue adding distance in five-yard increments. Rinse and repeat.

Once your getting geared up and ready to test your skills in the woods, always remember you must be absolutely confident that your arrow will hit your mark where it counts in order to make an ethical shot. Whether your effective range is 15 or 50 yards, an ethical shot is only taken when the shooter has full knowledge of their capabilities. Mistakes happen, but we owe it to the animals we pursue to only take the shots that we are prepared to make.

Preparing to bag the big buck and devoting time to long-range target practice will give you a profound sense of confidence in your ability to get the job done when that trophy buck does show up. Check out our products see which target is right for your shooting needs or contact SpyderWeb Targets if you have any questions about how to extend your shooting range!

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