SpyderWeb Targets vs. Barnett Crossbows

Have a high speed Barnett Crossbow? You should read this. 

Barnett was the first crossbow manufacturer to break speeds over 300 feet per second and the original pioneer of modern crossbows. Barnett is grounded in tradition, but always running toward innovation to constantly improve crossbow performance.

As a true innovator, Barnett’s line of 2019 hunting crossbows will get you into the woods with confidence and armed with a weapon that can hammer through any large game. However, there is one question we hear Barnett Crossbow owners asking quite often:

Is there a target that can handle my high speed Barnett Crossbow?

You bet! No matter how fast your Barnett Crossbow shoots, a SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target can take it. A SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target won’t damage your arrows and is guaranteed to stand up to these high speed Barnett Crossbows:

Barnett Raptor Pro STR Crossbow: 400 FPS

The latest in the Barnett Raptor series trims weight and lengthens the power stroke to up this baby's speed to a menacing 400 feet per second. Although it has a compact size and impressive speed, SpyderWeb Targets simply aren’t impressed.

Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow: 400 FPS

A worthy adversary for any big game, the Barnett Whitetail Pro STR Crossbow is comfortable, stable, and packs a lethal combination of power and speeds of up to 400 feet per second. But it’s no worthy adversary for a SpyderWeb Target.

Barnett Ghost Crossbow: 420 FPS

Here’s what one of our customers has to say about their Barnett Ghost versus their SpyderWeb Target:

“A SpyderWeb Target is a great investment because it saves you a lot of money in the long run. I shoot a Barnett Ghost and at 20 yards the bolt is only a few inches in the target and you don't have to fight to remove it. The target also self heals as advertised. Great product. Get one you won't be sorry!”

Barnett HyperGhost Crossbow: 425 FPS

The Barnett HyperGhost boasts, “ultra-deep penetration combined with unstoppable speed.” But SpyderWeb Targets easily disprove this theory as the speed of this crossbow completely stoppable and with minimal penetration for easy arrow removal.

Barnett Predator Crossbow: 430 FPS

This one is at the very top of the food chain. For hunters who want the biggest hits possible, the Barnett Predator Crossbow is a behemoth bow harnessing 430 feet per second that is easily stopped dead in its tracks by a SpyderWeb Target.

If you have a high speed Barnett Crossbow, SpyderWeb Targets can take it.

You can always read more verified reviews on our specific product pages, on Amazon, and on our Facebook page to see what our customers are saying about SpyderWeb Targets vs. Barnett Crossbows. If you have any questions or concerns about shooting your high speed Barnett Crossbow into a SpyderWeb Target, contact us today!

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