SpyderWeb Targets vs. Scorpyd Crossbows

Known as “the world’s fastest crossbows,” Scorpyd Crossbows have been fulfilling the eternal need for speed of speed freaks everywhere.

Scorpyd has always led the industry with performance, accuracy, dependability, and durability. But this year, Scorypd raised the bar and has catapulted crossbows to a new level that is head and shoulders above any other manufacturer when it comes to speed.

However, there is one question we hear Scorypd Crossbow owners asking quite often: Is there a target that can handle my high speed Scorypd Crossbow?

Absolutely! No matter how fast your Scorypd Crossbow shoots, a SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target can take it. A SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target won’t damage your arrows and is guaranteed to stand up to these three high speed Scorypd Crossbows:

Scorpyd Deathstalker Crossbow: 420 FPS

The Scorpyd Deathstalker Crossbow is lightweight, compact, and boasts ripping speeds of up to 420 feet per second that won’t ever rip through a SpyderWeb Target.

Scorpyd Aculeus Crossbow: 460 FPS

The Scorpyd Aculeus Crossbow produces screaming speeds of up to 460 feet per second come to a screeching halt when plunged into a SpyderWeb Target.

Scorpyd Nemesis Crossbow: 480 FPS

The Scorpyd Nemesis Crossbow is the fastest crossbow the world has ever seen with touted speeds of 480 feet per second that won’t even budge a SpyderWeb Target.

If you have a high speed Scorpyd Crossbow, SpyderWeb Targets can take it. Here’s what our customers are saying about SpyderWeb Targets vs. Scorpyd Crossbows:

“I use my SpyderWeb Target indoors with my Scorpyd Crossbow and have absolute confidence that nothing behind the target will be damaged from over-penetration.”

“I would definitely buy from SpyderWeb Targets again. Arrow removal is easy and these are the only targets that have been able to handle my Scorpyd's bolts so far!”

“SpyderWeb Targets are definitely worth the dime. I bought a Scorpyd Crossbow and got tired of cutting open targets to retrieve my arrows only to find I needed to re-fletch them. And that was at over 30 yards! I purchased a SpyderWeb Target and put it to the test. I set it flat on the ground 20 yards away and after my first shot I couldn't believe it. The arrow only penetrated six inches and no lie two-finger removal. Finally the Scorpyd was tamed!”

You can always read more verified customer reviews on our specific product pages, on Amazon, and on our Facebook page. If you have any questions or concerns about shooting your high speed Scorpyd Crossbow into a SpyderWeb Target, contact us today!

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