SpyderWeb Targets vs. Fastest New Crossbows for 2020

The number one reason why SpyderWeb Targets are the best crossbow target on the market: there is absolutely no limit on the speed at which you can fire an arrow at our targets.

If you’re shooting a fast and furious high-speed crossbow, you need a target that can take the heat. That’s why we developed our signature line of No Speed Limit SpyderWeb Targets. No matter how fast your arrow is flying when it pierces a SpyderWeb No Speed Limit Target, it can take it. Plus, you’ll still be able to remove bolts easily and with only two fingers. 

Here are five of the fastest new crossbows for 2020 and how they fare in a showdown with a SpyderWeb Target:

TenPoint Vapor RS470

TenPoint entered the ultra-narrow, reverse-draw crossbow world last year with the Nitro XRT. The new Vapor RS470 is another entry that measures just 6.5 inches across when fully cocked. It’s stronger and lighter than previous models, and touts speeds of 470 fps that won’t even budge a SpyderWeb Target.

Ravin R29X

This year’s Ravin looks a lot like last year’s Ravin, but now, the revamped cocking system is silent. The Ravin R29X crossbow measures 29 inches in length and has a 12.5-inch powerstroke which launches 400-grain arrows at an impressive 450 fps. But these ripping speeds still won’t leave a scratch on a SpyderWeb Target.

Barnett HyperFlite Evo 420

Their HyperFlite EVO 420 crossbow applies a new design in which the cams are mounted directly to the bow’s riser. It not only makes for a striking profile, but improved accuracy while reducing vibration and noise. Named for its speed, it can torch arrows at 420 fps, but it won’t even come close to torching a SpyderWeb Target.

Killer Instinct Swat XP

Perfecting broadhead flight has proven challenging with crossbows delivering greater speeds each year. Killer Instinct’s Swat XP aims to change that with its new barrel system that leads to improved accuracy and consistency from broadheads. The Swat XP also boasts 415 fps of raw power. But it’s no match for the stopping power of a SpyderWeb Target. 

BearX Constrictor-Stoke

If you’re looking for a more affordable crossbow, the Constrictor-Stoke is worth a good look. This bow is sold as a complete kit that includes the crossbow, three arrows, illuminated scope, quiver, cocking rope, and string wax for an appealing $600. Plus, it pushes arrows at 410 fps. But won’t be able to push over a SpyderWeb Target!

There is no category of gear to advance as quickly as crossbows have in the last five years or so. SpyderWeb Targets is committed to keeping up with these new advancements in crossbow technology so you can shoot safely, confidently, and enjoy practicing the sport you love. 

We challenge you to put us to the test! Use a SpyderWeb Target for up to 30 days, risk-free. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, simply return the product for a full refund, no questions asked.

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