High Density-ST 14 XL Archery Target-NO SPEED LIMIT

by SpyderWeb Targets
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New Higher Density for 2021

"Even at close range your arrow speed is Not Too Fast."

Reliable way to stop your fast arrows at close range and an easy way to retrieve them. Versatile is the word that best describes the ST 14 XL.  Big enough to practice on and yet compact enough to stow away in an airplane overhead compartment or in the back of your truck.  Don’t take our word for it.  Check any of the tried and true reviews left by 100’s of verified buyers.

  • 14” x 14” x 13” 21 Lbs.
  • Now you can stop your super-fast arrows at any distance and get them out with ease.  Arrow speed rated for Over 500 FPS with No Speed Limit Restrictions.  

  • Guarantee you will never need an arrow puller or lube to retrieve your arrow or bolt ever again, unlike foam targets. Works great for all arrow sizes including micro-diameter.

  • Here is a quick way never damage or lose arrows once and for all from your Compound bow or Crossbow. Startling average arrow penetration is 6-8 Inches. Even from the fastest bows in the world.
  • The secret to not having to replace your target for several years, unlike bag targets.  Revolutionary woven Spylar facing is your solution to long-term durability and shooting happiness.  

  • Now you can leave your target outside with this Weatherproof design. Just be sure to have target standing upright and away from any moisture that comes up from the ground. 

  • Durable silk-screened images for easy aiming.
  • Easy to move with comfy handle.
  • Heavy-duty frame will not tip over or shift.
  • Field Point Use Only.
  • Hand Made in St. Joseph, Michigan, USA.

Our Guarantee to You.

If you are not 100 % satisfied for any reason, please return your target for a full refund. 

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  • Targets ship within 24-48 hours in most cases.
  • Transit time 2-6 days.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 140 reviews
    Kenneth Jacot

    I couldn't believe how close I was shooting my Killer Instinct
    415 burner crossbow at this target. Did not penetrate through it at all. Would definitely recommend it to others

    Steven Cardenas
    Must have

    Spiderweb is a must for over 400fps. Easy arrow/bolt removal without causing damage to fletching or inserts. Super fast shipping after placing an order.

    Jon Kaemmerer
    Best target on the market!

    I rarely find items worthy of solid 5 star reviews, however after having this target for only a couple weeks I have all of my shooting buddies strongly considering switching to SpyderWeb. This block means business!! Minimal damage to the block after countless shots and not a single issue with bolt retrieval, I’m shooting the new hyper 430 and at 30 yds I might be penetrating 6” with the easiest bolt removal you could imagine them team at SW have created a true masterpiece with the 14” no speed limit as I would imagine the rest of their inventory solid 10/10 for me! Keep up the stellar work!!

    Ron from OK

    I was using a bag target designed for crossbows up to 520fps...my crossbow is 415 so I figured I was good to go. Frustratingly, my 20" arrows would penetrate so deeply, the only thing visible was the first few inches of the arrow. Pulling them through, repeatedly, ruined my vanes. Enter my spyderweb no limit target...from the same distance of 30y I got about 4-6" penetration and easily pulled out each arrow using only 2 fingers just as advertised! Highly recommend the no speed limit targets for you high-speed crossbow owners; you will not be disappointed! Oh, and the fact that it's made here in the USA by a small business is a major plus!

    Matt Huntley
    Excellent target!!!

    I have an Excalibur Bulldog 440 and was having quite a bit of trouble pulling bolts out of the target I was shooting. The bolts were penetrating all the way up to the fletching and going out the backside! The High Density-ST 14 XL Archery Target-No Speed Limit was the answer!! Bolts are pulled out with ease and with no risk of damaging them!! If you shoot a fast powerful crossbow, this target is the way to go!

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    902 reviews

    I couldn't believe how close I was shooting my Killer Instinct
    415 burner crossbow at this target. Did not penetrate through it at all. Would definitely recommend it to others

    Works well

    This target is excellent. It stops my bolts at 450 fps allowing penetration of only 4 to 5 inches. They pull out with no effort. Not a surprise but it is heavy!

    High Density Target

    I recently purchased a crossbow and needed a target to stop the bolt of 440fps. It is easy to pull out bolt and penetration keeps fletching from entering target.

    Excellent service/product

    Can’t beat this target!!
    Ravin R500

    Spyderweb 18XL

    Excellent target…….excellent build/value. 426 fps with a 457 grain bolt/arrow and will stay in the target….will not pass through unless you shoot at the same hole over and over again. This is the only target I use for my Ravin crossbows.