Spylar Archery Target Facing

by SpyderWeb Targets
$ 32.00

Unbeatable Self-Healing Spylar

Feeling your target get's destroyed to fast? World most advanced Self-Healing Spylar facing is unbeatable in terms of durability.  It's woven and cabled design allows the arrows to spread the face apart, rather than scarring it.  You can use Spylar to either make your own targets or modify the one's you have.  

But, don't take our word for it that it is the best.  Get yourself a Free Sample and put the Spylar to the test. Place over the target you are currently using. Shoot your foam or bag style archery target face several times and then remove the Spylar sample and see if it lasts longer than what you are currently using. Just drop us an email or call us at 269-982-8003 to get a Free Sample of our Spylar. No cost to you.

  • Sold by the running foot by 52" height
  • Example-1 Linear Foot is 12 Inches by 52 Inches
  • Made in the USA



Money Back Guarantee-30 Day: In the event you are not 100% satisfied with your order, please return your Spylar and will refund your money.  No questions asked.

Free Shipping


  • Free Shipping in Lower 48 States
  • Target will ship within 24-48 hours in most instances
  • Transit time is approximately 2-6 Days
  • Discounted Shipping available to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I bought a used sryderweb range target recently. It needed new facing on front of bag. I purchased spylar facing and installed it. Now the target is like new. I was very pleased with the customer service. I called with a couple questions on the install. Not only did they answer my questions but walked me through the process.

Thanks again


Well, I belong to an archery club that uses your product for many years. I have heard nothing but good things about the Spyderweb targets. I know when I called with questions the customer service was excellant.

my headache is gone.

so so good. no worry about arrow penetration and removal.

Great service

I was impressed how fast my order arrived and appreciate that. It’s a good product that holds up well.  I was able to repair my 30” target for under a 100 bucks and I’m sure it will last a few more years now 

Spyder Web Material

I purchased this target several years ago and the fabric finally needed to be replaced. now the target is back to its original condition and works great. Thanks---Gregg

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Replacement order

The replacement target faces came in, easy to assemble and ready to use. Very happy with the end result

Spider web no speed limit

My bow speed is 450 ft a second and the target has no problem stopping my bolt. I can pull the bolt out easily with one hand.

High-Density ST 18 XL Archery Target-No Speed Limit

ST 18 XL

I am very pleased! I was suprised at it’s weight. I made a custom archery target stand. I don’t need anything to support the ST 18. It’s weight alone can take my high speed tenpoint Sieges pounding all day long! Arrows are very easy to pull out. High quality target! Joel

Great Product! Very Easy to remove arrows!

I had heard that this target was great, but was still surprised how easy my arrow came out after shooting it with my 330fps Matthew's compound bow. I almost thought the first arrow was hadn't made clean impact because it came out so easily! Cans wait to try it with my new Ravin crossbow that is coming!