SpyderWeb Targets Self-Healing Magic

As lifelong archers and former range owners, we’ve come to find out that there are three distinguishing features that always seem to be the mark of a great archery target:

  • Durability: SpyderWeb Targets are almost impossibly durable and are able to withstand a lifetime of shooting.

  • Easy Arrow Removal: We guarantee you will be able to remove arrows from a SpyderWeb Target with only two fingers.

  • Stopping Power: SpyderWeb Targets boast unmatched stopping power with absolutely no speed limit restrictions.

  • At SpyderWeb Targets, we don’t just check all the required boxes to meet the expectations of a good target. We go above and beyond to exceed expectations and did one better by adding a fourth feature:

  • Self-Healing: All SpyderWeb Targets are made using our patented technology featuring a self-healing Spylar mesh face.

  • At first, the self-healing capacity of an archery target might seem like a showy marketing tactic or just a cool feature to have. While there’s no doubt it’s incredibly cool to watch the hole created by your arrow vanish almost magically, a self-healing target face is actually quite important when it comes to shooting high-speed crossbows.


    The Spylar technology not only guarantees easy arrow removal when shooting at high speeds, but also provides unmatched stopping power as it allows us to pack more stuffing inside each target—and more material ultimately equates to more stopping power. Spylar's self-healing feature also allows for what's inside the target to stay inside for much longer.

    How does it work?

    Rather than the usual tearing or scarring that occurs when an arrow penetrates the target face, the complex weave of self-healing synthetic fibers spread apart and then shrink back and recover when you retrieve your arrow. Expect to be amazed when you are able to literally wipe the hole away from a previously shot arrow. If you want to renew your target face after removing a bolt, you can actually rub the face of the target and the strands will return to their original position.

    The self-healing magic of Spylar is just one of the many reasons why SpyderWeb Targets outranks and outlasts the competition. Here’s what our customers have to say about Spylar in these verified reviews:

    “Arrows are stopped dead in their tracks, you can pull the arrow with two fingers even with large diameter indoor shafts, and the Spylar mesh is really what sets SpyderWeb Targets apart from others.”

    “I bought a competitors product six months ago and was told it was the same as Spylar. Not even close! Spylar is far superior. It’s easy to pull the arrows and will handle anything I throw at it. I'll never buy a competitors product again.”

    “I have purchased half a dozen other targets for my crossbow. Arrows get stuck, damage the target, or simply fly completely through them. Then one day I went to an indoor range that used SpyderWeb Targets and that was it. I needed to have one. No more stuck or missing arrows and the target self heals as advertised.”

    “SpyderWeb Targets have everything you could possibly want in a field point target. Arrows penetrate only a few inches and pull easily with just two fingers. Also, the mesh used on the face of the target is really quite unique. An arrow will leave a hole in the face, but a few hard rubs will make is disappear. If you shoot spots, the arrows stacking so close to each other will move the mesh around so that the holes fill themselves.”

    Tired of shooting your target face out every year? It’s time for a SpyderWeb Target. Check out all the targets we have available on our products page and if you have any questions, visit our Facebook page or contact us today! We’d love to hear from you!

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