48" Hunter Archery Range Target

by SpyderWeb Targets
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$ 1,099.00

 48" by 48" by 22"  235 Pounds

Hunter or Pro Model-Which is better for you?  If your shooting includes a great deal of low poundage shooting, then the Pro is a better fit.

Our Aim is to Improve Your Archery Range!  

1.Warning: Your Range may be more popular than ever before.  Every shooter loves the effortless arrow removal and amazing stopping power of SpyderWeb Targets. Many of our commercial ranges have experienced increases in shooting because of how enjoyable SpyderWeb’s Large Archery Range Targets are to shoot. You can verify how enjoyable SpyderWeb’s are to shoot by reading ANY of our hundreds of verified reviews.

2.Reduce your maintenance with “Set it and Forget It” design. You don’t need to tear your range apart and rotate targets from front to back like other two-sided Foam Block and Bag style Range Targets.  SpyderWeb’s multi-layered Spylar faced Range Targets are only shot from one side and yet still last extremely longer than the others. To experience Spylar for yourself, contact us for a Free Sample at 269-982-8003

3.Could be the Last Range Targets you ever buy. Several SpyderWeb Range customers are still restoring their original range targets dating back to 2007. Repairing instead of replacing them at a fraction of the cost can save you thousands of dollars in the future. 

4.Restore/repair to like new with ease. Extended life panel design enables just one person to repair and restore SpyderWeb Range Targets to like new in a matter of minutes. 

5.Reduce unwanted center target wear with lane divider strap. Discourages shooters from shooting the center of target out.  Strap is easy to take down from time to time in effort to make sure whole target is being shot as equal as possible.  


    Free Self-healing Spylar better than what you shooting?   

    How nice would it be for you to be able to try before you buy?  For Free!  While we think Spylar is the longest facing in Archery, don’t take our word for it.  For your Free Sample, email me your mailing address to kelly@spyderwebtargets.net.  You can place the sample over your foam, bag or other archery target.  Just shoot it 50-100 times and see how it wears.  Then look to see what the face behind it looks like.



    Can it be repaired/rebuilt?

    Absolutely, and it can be done initially in a matter of minutes by one person.  We have archery ranges that have been repairing and rebuilding their target for over ten years.  You can be confident that we can walk you thru how to repair the target for years.    

    How long before it needs to be repaired?

    Incredible average of 2 ½ years before repairing Extended Life Panel.  Our research suggests that an average 750-1000 shooting session before repairing.  Also, stop being annoyed by having a minimum of 2 people rotate your 2-sided range targets half way thru their life.  Shoot more and work less!!


    30 Day Money Back Guarantee: If you are not 100% satisfied, you can return your target for a refund, no questions asked. 

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    • All Shipments to US Lower 48 States
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Steve H.
    Best value

    If you want the best target buy a SpyderWeb American made built to last a lifetime or two highly recommend I’ve use the others they do not hold up

    Matt Burlingame
    Great service great product

    We purchased the 48" Archery Range Target. We received it quickly and SpyderWeb called prior to delivery to ensure someone would be around to receive it. We have not put a lot of arrows through the target yet, but the "self-healing" target surface is pretty amazing.

    Ryan T.
    So Beautiful, you won't want to shoot it!

    I purchased this target for an indoor range that I built in my barn a few weeks ago. Since then I have shot 1000 shots into it. It performs wonderfully! Arrows stopped dead in their tracks. Two finger arrow pulls with large diameter indoor shafts. The Spylar netting is really what sets this target apart from others, stopping the movement of the arrow after impact will make this target last a lifetime. The Customer service from spyderweb was top notch as well, 20 minutes was the longest it took to respond to emails, as well as a quick turnaround time for shipment. This target was more expensive than other similarly sized targets on the market, but I feel after working with SpyderWeb targets there is no comparison, you get what you pay for.

    Nat Svela
    Great No Speed Limit Range Target!!!

    Myself and friends have been shooting this target everyday for the last few weeks and it looks the same from the first day I got it. Great product and highly recommend it to anyone.

    Thank you again Kelly..

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    902 reviews

    I couldn't believe how close I was shooting my Killer Instinct
    415 burner crossbow at this target. Did not penetrate through it at all. Would definitely recommend it to others

    Works well

    This target is excellent. It stops my bolts at 450 fps allowing penetration of only 4 to 5 inches. They pull out with no effort. Not a surprise but it is heavy!

    High Density Target

    I recently purchased a crossbow and needed a target to stop the bolt of 440fps. It is easy to pull out bolt and penetration keeps fletching from entering target.

    Excellent service/product

    Can’t beat this target!!
    Ravin R500

    Spyderweb 18XL

    Excellent target…….excellent build/value. 426 fps with a 457 grain bolt/arrow and will stay in the target….will not pass through unless you shoot at the same hole over and over again. This is the only target I use for my Ravin crossbows.